About Kansas Tilapia

KansasTilapia.com is the tilapia-centered website of GreenFin Gardens. 

GreenFin Gardens has quickly grown to be the largest producer of blue tilapia in Kansas and one of the largest in the United States.  Every year we produce hundreds of thousands of blue tilapia for industry, selling them as starter fingerlings, adolescents, and adult broodstock.

Many of the starter fingerlings and adolescents we sell end up in aquaponics systems around the country, where they are used to help grow fresh organic vegetables in addition to providing a source of clean white meat.  Some of our adult broodstock also end up in aquaponics systems, but the vast majority are sold to farmers to clean up weedy farm ponds (blue tilapia are predominantly vegetarian and love to eat algae) and to greatly accelerate game fish growth (blue tilapia make for fantastic game fish forage).

If you're located in Kansas and want tilapia, we can help.  Our blue tilapia grow extremely fast and are very robust and healthy.  Our prices are also the best in the industry, thanks to our large volume and our novel methods for economical production.